Speech/Language Therapy

Therapeutic programs designed to meet the specialized needs of your child based on their individualized evaluation.


Services are provided in our office, or in the comfort of your own home.

  • Early Intervention (Birth-3 years)

  • Receptive/Expressive Language

    • Floor Time Therapy

  • Social Language

  • Articulation/Motor Speech (Apraxia)

    • PROMPT Therapy

  • Stuttering

Would my child benefit from speech therapy?

Here are some indicators that speech therapy may be right for your child:

My child is almost 2 years old, and they aren't really talking yet. They get frustrated when I don't understand what they need.  Sometimes they cry for no reason at all.

I understand my child, but most of my family and friends don't.  If I'm not nearby to interpret, they have a really hard time communicating. 

My child is very social, but has a hard time making and keeping friends.  They want to have friends, but it seems like they just don't know how. 

My child is very smart- they can recite the alphabet, count, and remember anything from their favorite show, but they have a hard time answering questions or having simple conversations. 

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