Speech and Language Evaluations

All evaluations include a comprehensive written report, a treatment plan, and a scheduled, in-person 45 minute evaluation review.

Independent Evaluations
  • 90 minute comprehensive evaluation of academic areas of concern including:
    • receptive/expressive language
    • social language         
    • motor speech (apraxia)
Language Evaluations
  • 90 minute assessment of receptive, expressive, and/or social language
Speech and Fluency Evaluations
  • 45 minute assessment targeting articulation, motor speech (apraxia), and/or stuttering

When does my child need an Independent Evaluation?

  • I had an evaluation somewhere else (school, clinic, hospital, etc.) and want a second opinion

  • I am trying to get my child additional services to supplement what they currently receive at school

  • My child's school is recommending discharge from/reduction of speech services, but I feel they continue to need the support in the academic setting